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Emraw Pencil

Emraw is asharpener with a crayon pencil. It is areceptacle to catch shavings for regular pens and crayons. It is also a great pen sharpener for school. Great for office also. This 4-pack crayons offers great for your desk.

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This is a new sharpener for regular and oversize pencils and crayons. It helps to get the sharpest results with emraw pencils. It is made of metal and has dual blades to get the perfect sharpness. It is also easy to use and has a green light to show it is working.
this emraw pencil has a mesh pocket with three 3-ring grommets on the front and a black/green/red color option. The pencil has a quick view mesh pocket.
this emraw pencil has a comfortable double pocket and three-ring grommet holes for easy on-the-go. It comes with a pouch for your bookmark, or other pencil.